An Italian excellence

ReMix S.p.A. was founded in Sassuolo, the heart of the Italian ceramic sector. The company gets in the market with great enthusiasm to answer to the increasing market needs of tailored and innovative solutions.

Thanks to the production capacity the company has over the years succedeed in producing and marketing new product through wet milling.

Among these the most relevant is the whitener that is applied in ceramics and sanitaryware industry. No less important are compound for glazes and bodies ready to be used.

These products are the result of an accurate search that began in 2001. Inside the company, research plays an important role. A laboratory with experienced technicians deals daily with the testing of new products, as well as the quality control of homologated products leaving production facilities.

Since its foundation, the company has played a leading role in the study of raw materials and in the production of compounds in respect to two key pillars of its company culture: excellence and innovation.