Originally conceived and developed by ReMix in Sassuolo, the heart of the Italian ceramic district, the whitener –  know with trademark REWhite® – quickly became the product of choice for those companies seeking for excellence in high quality white tiles. The product, in its different formulations, represents the most advanced technological solution and also an integrated process studied for the substitution of zirconium silicate. It fits the customer’s original formulas without altering them to achieve impressive levels of white.


Low or nonexistent radioactivity rate

Health & environmental authorities in many countries started to impose restrictions on the radioactivity level in ceramic tiles and building materials in general. The replacement of well-established and performant raw material such as micronized zirconium silicate with a synthetic product became crucial for many countries. As a consequence of that, ReMix became sensitive to the radioactivity issue and designed the perfect solution: REWhite® with radioactivity levels that do not exceed 2.5 Bq/kg.

Stable price

REWhite® users are not affected by frequent changes of price and can count on a competitive and stable price in the long term.

Product availability

Whitener is available on demand throughout the year in the quantity requested by the market. The company plants have several milling facilities that allow a non-stop production and therefore a rapid answer to the producers’ requests.

Unchanged technical characteristics

ReMix provides its clients with alternatives to zirconium silicate among a wide range of whiteners without altering the technical characteristics of the finished product. No quality consistency issues are to be solved due to ore variability. Large tile dimensional stability and water absorption are kept under control and colorimetric coordinates a* and b* match the original specifications.


whiteners for ceramic bodies

For ceramic body

REWhite® for body can reach radioactivity levels equal to 2,5 Bq/kg. This value is never exceeded in respect of the rules in force in certain non-European countries on radioactivity: certain raw materials are not allowed to enter in specific countries if they reach high levels of radioactivity. For this reason, ReMix clients can choose among a range of different types of whitener for ceramic bodies whose radioactivity is included between 0 to 2.5 Bq/kg.
REWhite® MZ31 R represents an example of whitener for ceramic bodies that allows the substitution 1:1 of zirconium silicate, decreasing radioactivity by almost 70 % while keeping the same values of shrinkage and water absorption. This makes REWhite® ideal for ceramic slabs.

For engobe

Under this category of whiteners for engobes, REWhite® WG Series allow a relevant raw material cost saving while replacing zirconium silicate at the same loading rate in engobe formulations. Colour consistency, better shrinkage control, low cost can be easily achieved.

whiteners for glazes

For glaze

REWhite® EW96 is just one of the example of whitener for glaze. It is a specific grade developed for sanitary glazes able to overcome the whiteness levels achievable by any zirconium silicate available on the market. This type is recommended whenever L* values in the glaze should be more than 92.

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