ReMix opens the new plant in Ostellato (FE)

This year ReMix inaugurated the new plant in Ostellato (FE) that will be able to produce 150000 tons per year of noble ceramic body for large-sized tiles.

At the same time it acquired the plant in Veggia (RE). This plant has been rented by the company during the last 7 years. The intent in this case will be to consolidate the production of REWhite® whiteners range.

The atomized bodies are suitable for the new pressing technologies and therefore represent a versatile and ready to use product that can be produced in various shades of black, gray and white with L*86-94 colorimetric range, satisfying those who prefer light colours. Specifically, this result can be obtained through the use of REWhite® whiteners.

The use of its own whiteners in the production of bodies allow greater control over the production, the quality of the materials used and the levels of radioactivity that may or may not affect the product and that are limited to respond to future European directives and to allow customers who choose ReMix to export tiles to those countries sensitive to this issue.

Plant in Ostellato (FE)

Plant in Veggia di Casalgrande (RE)