Be international

ReMix is an ever-expanding company. While strengthening its position in the European market, the company aims to broaden its horizons in non-European countries. The quality and care in details that characterize Made in Italy are appreciated abroad and many countries opened their doors to ReMix professionalism.

13 are the countries where ReMix is a trusted supplier

9 are the big company Groups producing more than 100 billion meters of tiles and slabs.

Be reliable

In line with market requests, ReMix offers solutions designed for the ceramics and the sanitaryware industry. It guarantees excellent technical performance. In a few years, the name ReMix became synonym of strength, ethics and reliability that overcomes market changes and continues to convince current and new customers. Those who choose ReMix can trust in a product made with raw materials meticulously selected and refined in safe working environments.

Be best for value

ReMix accurately follows the client that decides to use its products. After the selection of the ideal type for the client, the company technician assist the client in industrial test. After the testing phase and upon customer approval, the tailor-made prototype solution is quickly scaled up and manufactured through a proprietary reprocessing technology that guarantees quality consistency and reproducible performances. This allows the company more control on the process and the client to always have high quality standards and constant value.