Ceramics China 2017

ReMix took part at chinese exhibition Ceramics China 2017. Two slabs of big size were presented to prove the applications of its products and the important results that can be obtained.

It is known already that the range of REWhite® – trademark that identify whitener – and its own different formulations represents the most original and advanced technological solution for the total substitution of zirconium silicate, for those companies that seek for excellence in the following applications: bodies, engobes, glazes, digital inks in the ceramic and sanitaryware sector.

Most of all in Asian countries, the product becomes interesting because it avoids radioactivity issues and fluctuating prices, both characterizing zirconium silicate. As a matter of fact, REWhite® clients can trust on a competitive and stable price. Visible to the eye is instead the extra white effect that can be reached. This is demonstrated through the whitener REWhite® MZ 72 application on both slabs presented during the exhibition, perfect for those that prefers higher white grades.

From its birth ReMix built a relevant reputation on international level and continues relentless to strengthen its own position abroad and its company identity with always one goal: satisfy clients’ needs with tailored solutions.