Ceramic body

During the years, ReMix has improved on the field of ceramic bodies to those who produce traditional tiles but also to specialists in the production of ever-larger slabs. The result of its work is represented by three categories of ceramic bodies described here below.


ReMix is a producer of ready-to-use technical body suitable for the production of slabs. The application of this type of ceramic body requires technical training and experience.

The final result is reached through high-quality raw materials that guarantee mechanical resistance during the glazing phase and firing process.


ReMix offers a ceramic body that satisfy those who prefer light colours. These bodies are ready-to-use and can be produced in various shades of white based on the clients’ need. The use of ReMix whitener REWhite® helps to achieve this result. In particular, the following color parameter can be reached: L* 86-94.

The inclusion of REWhite® whitener in the production of the ceramic body allows more control on the production and on the quality of the substances used.


For the most demanding customers ReMix proposes mixtures with a wide range of colors for the production of slabs. All the bodies are compatible with each other and suitable for the technology of the through-passing vein. They can be used with all the existing machines designed for the production of large formats.

The results are of the highest added value not only for the producers but also for the final customer.

The colours currently available are: black, grey, red-brown, pink-orange, orange-brown.